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October 06 2017




not to offend anyone on here but like,,,,y'all need to get outside more, exist in the real world for a while and stop getting pressed over trivial shit that really genuinely doesn’t matter in the big picture that is life

#This website is bad for the mental health of young people honestly#all social media is but this one in particular#The tone and attitude of this website is so unbelievably damaging I could literally write a dissertation on it#you think you’re progressive but actually this website is one of the most oppressive environments#you can’t have any opinion without immediately being attacked for it#regardless of what the opinion is; liberal or conservative or moderate#it literally doesn’t matter where your opinion falls#on this website your opinion is wrong and you’re an asshole for having it#even the attempts at social justice on here are questionable bc so many of u only know what this website has told you#and it’s so unbelievably polarising in its messages#social justice on here is extremist in its tone #and it’s just#so damaging to the way people think and feel and behave#and so many people spend significant portions of their life on here and this becomes their reality#but it’s not real it’s all a hyper inflated version of reality#u need to log off and check in with the real world away from this site#if ur offended by this ur exactly the person this post was targeted to

In conclusion: tumblr is far far better at “normalising abuse” than any fictional story could ever be.

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me when i see someone attractive 

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male feminists in a nutshell




i fidget with my cube, looking over at my gamber babe gf…

“hey…youre my princess peach right…?”

she rolls her eyes, sipping mountain dew out of her novelty minecraft creeper mug. “fus-ro-duh.”

Weaksauce…so unepic…you guys totally lost the game

“And here I thought the only gold rigns I would be interested in were to be collected by a porcupine…”
my wife, wiping away a tear, “this cake…is no lie.”

they play the fallout theme on an ocarina as we kiss


blizzard: mercy has 100% pickrate in comp and no one wants to play the other healers which means she’s too op so we have to nerf her

me climbing up to jeff kaplan’s ear: maybe the reason people only pick mercy isn’t because she’s overpowered but because all the other healers are extremely underpowered and picking mercy as a healer is the only thing that makes sense in winning a game anymore because none of the other healers have abilities that can keep their team alive as efficiently as mercy. this isn’t a problem with mercy jeff, keeping the team alive is what a healer is supposed to do. so maybe instead of nerfing mercy and making her unable to do that, you should be buffing your other three healers so they can be as valuable of a team asset as mercy and make your game actually fair and balanced for support mains for once in your miserable life.

October 05 2017

Still Unresolved! Legendary Fanfic My Immortal's Authorship Remains a Mystery After the Cancellation of Rose Christo's Memoir • r/UnresolvedMysteries





Buzz began circulating around Rose Christo’s forthcoming memoir from St. Martin’s Press. There seemed to be a lot of genuine excitement about the book as My Immortal is a well loved internet phenomenon, and the book was promoted as detailing Christo’s strange and tumultuous upbringing during the writing of My Immortal. In multiple outlets, it was claimed that Christo wrote the fanfic hoping to capture the attention of enough people online to eventually aid in the search for her missing brother. The problem with this story? Her missing brother surfaced online to announce that he was never missing, Christo has fabricated her entire dramatic backstory, and she was likely never involved with My Immortal at all. St. Martin’s Press has now dropped the book due to Christo failing a round of routine fact checking.

Her brother happens to be a member of this very forum (@DawnDusk ), and his side of the story paints a different picture, not that she lost communication with him while being shuffled through the system, but that she just doesn’t contact him and never was in foster care. He began poking holes in her claims in this thread; https://kiwifarms.net/threads/author-of-my-immortal-possibly-found.33996/

On her Tumblr, she also frequently blogs about the struggle of being Native American/Indian. Problem with that is she’s actually white.


oh my…. effing god

what the hap is fuckening


the worst sound in the world is a man giving their opinion on a woman’s appearance

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Rihanna is untouchable!

#Buy Black


Fandom has gotten very…proprietary over the years and now is a good time as any to remind y’all that you don’t own the source material. 

Creators are under no obligation to make your ship canon, redeem your problematic fav, or write their characters in a way that lines up with your headcanons. 

You are playing in someone else’s sandbox, so don’t get your tailfeathers twisted when the creators don’t drop their plans for their product to conform to fandom demands. 

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*listens to how to be a heartbreaker on repeat and doodles hunk in a crop top*

I don't think I have ever picked up a pair of tongs without clicking them together a couple of times.

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Hey if y’all don’t mind I would so appreciate it if you followed my niche meme instagram account, you can get to know me really well irl and enjoy bullshit like this

(please don’t remove caption // shoot me a request if you want a bingo board?)


i just want queer people to fucking invade every fucking piece of media

i want conservative parents fucking squirming as their kids realise that queer people fucking exist

i want the radio to be full of songs which we can relate to and cishet people can’t

i want tonnes of young adult books for all the kids who are finding themselves, so that they can find people like them in their stories

i want queer princesses and queer super heroes, i want queer comedies and queer dramas

i want queer representation

and i don;t want white cis gay boys in all of them either that is not fucking representation

we deserve better

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Empire Strikes Back (1980).

When you’re told to evacuate because the Galactic Empire just took over your city, you only have time to grab the essentials.

God, this guy is one of my favorite ridiculous EU characters along with Elan Sleazebaggano.

He was basically just a random extra with an ice cream maker, but they gave him an entire in-depth backstory about how he was a member of the Rebellion and that ice cream maker contained a lot of vital data and basically he single-handedly saved the Rebellion that day.

No really.

He has an action figure, of course, as does his ice cream maker computer datacore.



the star wars eu is a wild fucking ride

After the Rebels’ victory, Hood decided to take it easy.” with a daily supply of fresh ice cream i guess

Epic legends.

Every Star Wars Celebration has the Run of the Willrow Hoods. Dozens of fans cosplay as Willrow and run through the con with their ice cream makers.

^ Please tell me there’s video footage of this. Do people wait for the stampede and see if they can press one of the On switches without getting gored?

this is the greatest thing ever

That’s … a ride.

Star Wars extra: *runs by with an ice cream maker*

Star Wars fandom:

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me bouta cash the check of u and ya ugly ass wife


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The reason why heavily armed terrorist freely walked into the hotel room and no one tried to stop him is that his skin was white and he had no Muslim beard. White people use the same reason to try to… justify him or… I don’t even understand what are they talking about. All these well-paid white people on television who spread disgusting stupid “thoughts”. That’s profanation of freedom of speech! I can’t take it!

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Ochirjantsan Bold is a fashion designer living in Ulaanbaatar. His work combines traditional Mongol del fabric and patterns (spirals, clouds, knots) with European forms and cuts. 



stop telling people who have abusive parents to “just leave” after they turn 18!!!!!!! it’s not that fucking simple!!!!!!!!!

i’ve been an adult for two years now and i STILL live in this hell hole. you know why? CONTROL. you can’t just walk out of the house and never look back like they do on tv. it doesn’t work that way. you take documents with you (that, if your parents are anything like mine, are locked up tight in a safe), you have to have enough money and a stable job and a place to go (which most victims are unable to get jobs due to mental/physical health or parent control), you have to move all your things out of their name (phone, car, etc). the list goes on. don’t you dare tell an adult victim that they’re just “not helping themselves”. i’m tired of hearing it.

adult victims of abusive parents: your abuse is still valid and i promise you there are those of us who understand and care.

(and before you try and pull the “here’s some suggestions” shit, my doctor has already met with a social worker with me. i’m stuck here for the time being. thanks for your concern but fuck off.)

I was 24 before I was able to leave my abusive parents house and i still get startled if i think i hear a garage door open…and i live on the top floor of an apartment complex

leaving it behind if fucking hard … 

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