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August 07 2017


I’d rather die than ask a crush if they like me tf





the fact women are viewed as being more sexy at 15 than 40 is the creepiest thing in the world

Horrifying really

Looking through the notes, and people seem to be justifying this as evolutionary biology. They believe that human females are most fertile at the age of 15. Considering your body isn’t even done growing at this age, I find this incredibly hard to believe. Really? The best time for you to push a baby out of your vagina is when your periods probably aren’t even regular yet? Like the younger you are, the more likely you are to DIE from child birth. Well anyway, most websites claim you’re most fertile in your 20s, peaking at 27… So congrats on trying to blatantly justify pedophilia by using bullshit science.

Pregnancy/maternal issues is the LEADING killer of girls aged 15-19 globally.

Not only is “15 year olds are more fertile” a creepy, pedophilic belief, it’s also an extremely dangerous one.

chubby folks in crop tops


reblog if you agree






There’s really women in their 20’s out here molesting little boys and we never talk about it

Like these women will use babysitting as a means to get close to little boys and sexually abuse them and it just goes unacknowledged

Like we barely even acknowledge that when a man says he lost virginity at 8 years old to a woman 12 years his senior he was in fact raped

But these women are still in our communities, with their actions and movements going entirely unchecked, knowing that they’ll never be held accountable for what they did and are likely still doing


Most of the the men I know in life have told me they lost their V card to older women . My boyfriend said he lost his to his ex girlfriends mom in middle school . He said back then he thought he was the man but now that he’s older he realizes * he pretty much got raped . We don’t talk about female predators as much .



I think a lot of the discourse on here, esp about intra-community issues, comes from the perspective of people who are a part of pretty insular leftist queer communities and assume everyone else engaging w their writing is too. so you have stuff like “white trans people are celebrated when they come out” or “everyone wants to fuck transmasc genderqueer people” as statements people are making, which are very very true in some cases from within these really insular communities but seem like you’re blogging from another dimension to people who like, live in small town Iowa.

I think this is why we get a lot of the tumblr arguments we get. like one person’s like “ask every single person you meet for pronouns no exceptions or you’re a bad person” and someone reading that who isn’t part of an urban leftist queer scene is like??? you want me to as the aggressively homophobic straight men who live in my open carry state for their pronouns?????? but no one wants to add “disclaimer: I go to smith college/live in Montreal/have completely forgotten what fear feels like” to their posts

August 06 2017

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someone legit tryna catfish using pics of selena gomez im in awe

power move: swipe right

bigger power move: tap super like

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Do you understand what this means?

Everything Changed When The Fire Nation Attacked

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the notes are broken 😂

Reblogging partly for awesome computer shortcuts, and partly because I wish to once again take part in a Post That Broke The Notes. 

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These swimming pools with black tiles are my aesthetic. 

Make the black tiles out of that black material that absorbs all light and swim over the void.

Fun fact about Vantablack- Because it absorbs all light, it heats up very fast. If exposed to direct sunlight, it takes in all the UV and heat and contains them, and can reach heats well over 212°F, the boiling point of water. So if you did coat the pool in that material, the water would boil as soon as the sun touched it, killing everyone swimming in it.

But that’s not all. The flash boiling of an entire pool of chlorinated water would release the chlorine as gas, which would kill everyone within a 200ft radius of the pool. And it doesn’t end there.

The release of chlorine gas combined with the heat of the black tiles would be more than sufficient to fuse the boiled hydrogen ions with the chlorine, creating an explosive reaction with the nitrogen in the air. So shortly after everyone in the pool boils and everyone around the pool dies of chlorine gas poisoning, the region would explode with the force of a small atomic bomb (8kt for a pool like those pictured above), leveling about 50 city blocks.

You’d think that would be bad enough, but get this-

Such chemical explosions expel gamma rays. Gamma rays ionize hematite, which is the mineral from which the black material mentioned is made. This creates Scopohyoscpnol, a compound known as “The Zombie Drug” because it essentially erases the brain and induces cannibalistic tendencies in its victim. It can be transmitted through saliva, infecting all who are bitten within hours.

So basically, if you did have Vantablack tiles in your pool, you would boil your friends, poison your neighbors, nuke your city, and condemn the globe to a zombie plague. But to be fair, it would look pretty cool.

Reason to read urls: exhibit one


Reminder to polyamorous wlw that there’s nothing wrong or dirty or selfish about your capacity to love and be involved with more than one person at a time. Your sexuality and identity is valid and you should feel proud of your courage in expressing it.



anyway here’s your reminder that lgbt muslims exist and islamophobia shouldnt be tolerated within lgbt communities!

shout out to lgbt muslims living in places where our identities are still criminalised. 

btw i encourage everyone especially non muslim lgbt ppl to reblog this. if you see islamophobia within the community, you should help us instead of telling us our religion is ‘horrible’


black angels. black demons. black vampires. black werewolves. black elves. black mermaids. black fairies. jus… pls… more black fantasy characters… i’m beggin…..

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here, have some happy girls and their girlfriends/wives/significant others ♥

(do NOT repost) | patreon


hey! tag your sign and the emotion that is most likely to make you cry! mine is frustration


back in freshman year of high school we had this teacher who was really fucking annoying and HATED cell phones with a fucking passion. at the beginning of the school year he had us sign this goddamned “contract” that we wouldn’t have it in class or he would confiscate it.

so this annoying douchebag kid was on his phone and the teacher went “you have to give it to me now you signed the contract” and the kid didn’t even look up and said “contracts signed by a minor are not legally binding” and continued to text. and i hated that kid but…..dare i say iconic

anyway he got detention for it but i just found out he got into law school this year

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how do I even caption this??


when someone says something so stupid that you can’t use anything in your current vernacular to describe how wrong they are 

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